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I visit the Boston area frequently. On my most recent visit I became aware that The Boston Globe was planning to switch its home-delivery vendor, and that the switch would take place beginning Monday, Dec. 28. The Globe sent a letter to all subscribers alerting them to the switch, and providing a new toll-free customer-service number and a new home-delivery URL. So far, so good (although everyone with whom I’ve had occasion to discuss this has questioned why the excellent delivery service they had been getting needed a change at all). (more…)


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The Role of Obituaries

Note: I know. It’s been a while since any new content was posted here. This post represents an effort to be more purposeful about blogging regularly. No promises, but feel free to nudge.

This week The New York Times posted an obituary of a rocket scientist named Yvonne Brill. The original version, since revised, led with her cooking skills, mentioned her commitment to parenting, and then got into her professional achievements. The above-linked version, in response to substantial outrage about how no male rocket scientist’s obit would carry a similar lede, has substituted her rocket-scientist status for the original reference to Stroganoff.

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Flemington Borough is an interesting place. Flemington is the county seat for Hunterdon County, and is famous for lots of things, among them the Lindbergh kidnapping trial, which until this year was re-enacted every year, and its outlet shopping center. Interestingly, those two things have had a direct effect on the health of its Main Street. (more…)

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Updated below.

I’m going to call out my local newspaper in this post for being completely inadequate to the task of providing critical information to its community in a crisis. I know people there, and they’re not going to be happy with me, and I apologize in advance for that because most of them are not the problem. But there is a problem, and, as Mike Benard from Kodak likes to say, it’s time to put the dead fish on the table. (more…)

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