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Singing Lessons

UPDATE: The Choral Arts Society of Washington has posted a wonderful, heartwarming video of some of Norman Scribner’s finest moments, illustrating all the things I’ve tried to say below. Enjoy!

I’m a choral singer.

I’m passably good at it — not the best, but I hold my own. For me, it’s recreation; stress removal; joy. For many years I sang with a storied New York-based chorus that presented its concerts in Carnegie Hall, and I swore I would never leave the New York area because I thought there was no other experience in the world like singing a great concert to a sold-out house in Carnegie Hall.

Turns out I was wrong. (more…)

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Updated below with a response on Twitter to this post.

I’ve had a couple of lively Twitter exchanges lately with people who think differently than I do, in particular about the Affordable Care Act. Typically they start with me calling BS on some sweeping statement that gets made with no backup, they continue with both of us arguing our positions, and they end with the other person wishing me a “blessed day” and terminating the conversation, neither of us having convinced the other. After the most recent one, I decided I’d like to try to have the conversation in more than 140 characters. (more…)

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Flemington Borough is an interesting place. Flemington is the county seat for Hunterdon County, and is famous for lots of things, among them the Lindbergh kidnapping trial, which until this year was re-enacted every year, and its outlet shopping center. Interestingly, those two things have had a direct effect on the health of its Main Street. (more…)

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I had a lovely visit this week to a small city where I’m doing some research on an upcoming article. Like most cities in the Northeast, this one is definitely missing its manufacturing-related employment base, and lots of people there are working hard to try to revitalize its downtown in a post-industrial world. It’s a struggle. (more…)

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