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UPDATE Oct. 12: The Times of Trenton takes up the cause.

So I’m in the Boston area this weekend, and needed to get into the city itself last evening for an event. I’ve lived in Boston and know full well the traffic-and-parking nightmare that is Saturday night there, so I decided to take the T. (more…)

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At the Mobile World Congress Google’s Eric Schmidt talked with reporters about the potential he sees in mobile phones enabled with near-field communications (NFC) technology. This is actually not a new technology — if you wave an electronic “key” at a door to unlock it, or at a gasoline pump or convenience store to pay for your purchases, you’re using NFC.

The big news is that Android phones will soon be equipped with it. Schmidt thinks Google “could work with advertisers to ‘extend offers to phones with NFC chips.’ Advertisers, he said, were interested in combining an ad and an offer, presumably at the point of sale.” Yet another way local advertising is being disrupted away from non-digital formats.

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On being too early

Somebody who could have been famous once said, “Being early is the same as being wrong.”

A bunch o’ stuff has got me thinking about that lately: (more…)

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Over on Urbanophile the far-more-knowledgeable-than-I-am Aaron Renn muses on why city governments talk so much about innovation and yet are consistently so terrible at it. By way of explanation he highlights what he calls “the tyranny of the org chart” and the understandable instinct to play things safe, both of which I think are key but are partial snapshots of a larger picture. (Go read the whole thing; it’s worth it.) (more…)

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